Global Musical Whistling Convention Blows Into Japan

September 23, 2022

World champion whistlers perform in Kawasaki, Japan

The world's best whistlers come together to meet and compete.

Champions and whistling experts that will blow your mind!

The World Whistlers Convention will be October 6-9, 2022 in Kawasaki, Japan. It features a musical whistling competition, concert, and whistling symposium.

This unique opportunity to hear world-class whistling promises to be a truly mind-blowing experience.”
— Carole Anne Kaufman
KAWASAKI, KANGAWA, JAPAN, September 23, 2022 / -- Do you have what it takes to be a champion and blow away the competition? Musical whistlers from all over will meet in Japan at the World Whistlers Convention (WWC) to find out if they have the chops to be a champion whistler. Additionally, this year’s event is produced for the first time in partnership with the three major international musical whistling organizations to promote the unsung artistry, power, and beauty of musical whistling on a global scale.

The whistling convention will commence on October 6th at the Kawasaki City International Center Event Hall with their first hybrid event, a concert that includes live and online performances, and enables access to music enthusiasts around the world. The festivities also include a hybrid symposium and a live three-day musical whistling competition to spotlight some of the most accomplished classical and pop whistlers in the world, and ultimately crown the best.

Despite international travel challenges, the WWC has decided “the show will go on” and celebrate the art of whistling once again this Fall. This year’s convention is truly expansive, integrating satellite events produced by the International Whistlers Guild, responsible for the Global Whistlers Convention - the only online, international musical whistling competition, and The Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival and Competition, slated for Fall 2023 in Hollywood, California.

The opening concert, “Whistling Connections,” on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at 7:00 pm, features world champion whistlers from across the globe - virtually and on stage with live accompaniment. Ticket holders can attend in person, watch the live stream, or view for a short period after the event. This unique opportunity to hear world-class whistling promises to be a truly mind-blowing experience. As a bonus, there will be a special screening of a documentary about the first international whistling competition at the Carson City Whistle Off.

Friday’s symposium will appeal to whistling and history buffs alike - presenters include a whistled language expert from the Canary Islands, a former Warner Music Japan record producer, plus contemporary artists from Scotland and Slovenia. The concert and symposium are both available for in-person and online attendance. Tickets are available via email at, pre-purchase is highly recommended. For more information check out

The main event is a three-day competition featuring popular and classical categories within multiple rounds. Adult, Senior, Kids, Teen, Self-Accompaniment, and Allied-Arts divisions present a diverse array of musicians vying for a championship trophy. The competition runs from Friday, October 7 through Sunday, October 9, and entrance is free to the public. For more information about the competition and WWC check out

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